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Our consulting and valuation services

We work hard to secure the success of your real estate projects. Based on a strong foundation of practical experience and market knowledge stretching back more than 30 years, our real estate consulting ticks all the boxes for your success, even in the changing modern-day world. We are proud to count a multitude of German and international investors, open and closed funds, REITs, public authorities, state and federal ministries, property owners, major companies, asset managers, portfolio holders, centre managers, private individuals and family offices among our clients.

You can rely on us to support you with strategic astuteness throughout every phase of the property cycle – from project development to marketing and for a broad spectrum of projects ranging from individual properties to real estate portfolios and challenging ambitions. Our interdisciplinary teams in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich successfully tackle projects throughout Germany. Our experience, analysts and real estate consultants take care of all of your requirements – with a practice-oriented approach complemented by solid knowledge of local markets and a keen eye for the special aspects of your individual project.

Our competence is the key to your success. Keep reading to find out more about our areas of expertise.


Our real estate consultants are happy to support you with analyses, strategies and concepts.

Our interdisciplinary teams offer expertise in disciplines such as economics, architecture, civil engineering and legal advice. In addition to our helpful and productive analyses, strategies and concepts, we also have the answers to your individual questions.

Our real estate consulting services at a glance:

  • Location and market analyses, feasibility studies, concepts and strategies
  • Transaction consulting: investment advice for successfully putting your property on the market
  • Taking the load off property owners with regard to letting, modernisation and value development
  • Professional advice before and during the acquisition process, risk assessments
  • Sustainability and certification consulting in terms of a green building strategy
  • Revitalisation and conversion strategies for property portfolios and undeveloped plots of land
  • Tailored tenant advice and representation of interests in the property market
Büro von innen


Property valuation by experts: determination of market values, expert opinions and scenario analyses

Do you require a timely property valuation in line with the market and based on German (ImmoWertV, BelWertV) or international (RICS, TEGoVA, IVCS) standards? With BNP Paribas Real Estate, you have come to the right place! Our experts are happy to support you by guiding you through the labyrinth of increasingly dynamic market and value developments both in Germany and within a global context. We take the weight off your shoulders by exploring the opportunities and risks of the different investment options available and presenting them to you clearly and understandably. Furthermore, we offer you expert opinions on individual properties and real estate portfolios precisely tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Whether it’s as a brief assessment or a full expert report and be it in German or English, you can put your trust in our prompt and quality-assured expert opinions.

Our property valuation services at a glance:

  • Valuation based on German and international standards and guidelines
  • Sales, market and lending value appraisals
  • Purchase and sales valuations
  • Valuations for performance measurement
  • Business plan and cash flow analyses
  • Risk, scenario and sensitivity analyses
  • Asset management strategies
  • Market rent appraisals

Data room

Digital documentation of properties for property management and transactions

An increasingly common saying stating that “data is the new oil” perfectly underlines the importance that data and its collection now have in our day-to-day lives. When it comes to real estate, the amount of data connected to properties is increasing exponentially, not least due to the piles of documents produced throughout the lifetime of each individual property. In addition, the quality requirements placed on documentation and reports are becoming increasingly stringent.

We help you to deal with and benefit from this abundance of data by creating secure digital platforms, so-called data rooms. Here, you can document your real estate portfolio and easily make documents available to prospective buyers if you are looking to sell. As data becomes more abundant and document requirements stricter, the capacities and costs required in property management are also increasing. We support you in this regard by taking care of the editing, digitisation, examination, amendment and optimisation of your documents with services from a single source. If you are not yet using a document management system, we are more than happy to support you with our practical experience, helping you to find the ideal system to suit your purposes.

Be it a transaction data room for legally secure transactions and changes of owner or a permanent data room for long-term property management that is secure, flexible and efficient, our data rooms are the ideal solutions for your data and documentation needs.

Our data room services at a glance:

  • Individual digitisation concepts and advice on choosing the right software
  • Digital platforms, administration function and Q&A process
  • Implementing document management systems at companies, running user training sessions
  • Analysing your current data situation and organising physical files
  • Procuring all digital property records
  • Examining documents in Germany and abroad
  • Obtaining building documentation and information from authorities
  • Cleaning up archives and completing property documentation
  • Comprehensive reporting on the quality of digital property documentation

To sum it up: You can make the most of a clear and transparent structure for the documentation of all your assets. This not only provides you with new possibilities when dealing with service providers but also leads to increased speed, reliability and flexibility when buying and selling. We do away with redundancies and unnecessary extra work in your documentation, save storage resources and thus lower your costs. On top of all this, we also ensure the quality of your property documentation to support and promote your contemporary, professional market presentation.



Market and location analyses for the real estate market

Important decisions need to be based on a solid foundation of knowledge, which is precisely why we gather and analyse the latest market information for a wide variety of locations. We present you with market data in reader-friendly reports, presentations and special evaluations. As a reliable source of important data, our research team supports both you and the rest of our staff at BNP Paribas Real Estate in every decision that needs to be made.

Our analysis services at a glance:

  • Recording German and international market figures in databases updated on a daily basis
  • Market analyses: German and international reports and presentations, including GIS-assisted analyses of catchment areas, travel times, competition and employees’ places of residence and place of work
  • Customer-specific data analyses and presentations
  • Investment management analyses: developing risk-return models and providing strategic advice
  • Property market forecasts for users and investors

    Our services cover the following types of properties:

    We also offer valuation services for special-purpose properties, properties run by operating companies and undeveloped plots of land, as well as real estate development projects.

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    Andreas Völker
    Andreas Völker
    Managing Director BNPPRE Germany / Managing Director Consulting & Valuation
    Ich berate Sie strategisch in allen immobilienwirtschaftlichen Belangen. Mein Spezialgebiet: Die Analyse und Optimierung von Immobilienportfolios in den Bereichen Büro, Logistik, Einzelhandel und Wohnen. Im Rahmen des Bereichs Investment Consulting bin ich außerdem für alle Dienstleistungen im Zusammenhang mit dem An- und Verkauf von Immobilien verantwortlich und kooperiere sehr eng mit den Vertriebskollegen in den verschiedenen Investment-Teams des Bereichs Transaction.
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    Additional real estate consulting services

    We offer you a wide variety of cross-divisional services developed especially for the German market:

    • Corporate services: A key account manager works in close cooperation with our individual divisions to cater to all of a major client’s needs on a long-term basis
    • Retail client solutions: Solutions for retail companies, chain store operators and international newcomers with expansion plans
    • Industrial development solutions: Developing logistics and production properties to precisely meet your demands, from planning right through to completion of your new premises
    • Data centre solutions: Conducting specialised searches for data centres in suitable locations and handling the sale, purchase or leasing of data centres throughout Europe
    • Redevelopment solutions: Efficient revitalisation strategies designed to create added value for property portfolios
    • Green building solutions: Cost-effective approaches to integrating sustainability into the real estate world
    • Investor & asset advice: Advisory services for property owners with regard to letting and modernising real estate portfolios to maximise yields and tenant satisfaction in equal measure