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With its professional solutions, our Investor & Asset Advisory division takes the strain off property owners when it comes to stabilising their lease contracts, reducing vacancies, letting properties, modernising property portfolios and achieving value growth. Our digital brochure takes a closer look at our division and shines the spotlight on each of its wide variety of services for you as a property owner.


Our Investor & Asset Advisory services



The right planning is the key to success for your property, which is why we provide you with expert advice in all essential real estate areas. From analysing assets and your tenant structure to developing a marketing strategy and right through to implementing optimising and stabilising measures, our target-oriented solutions are tailored to secure your success.



Individual promotional and marketing strategies are the lifeblood of every successful property. We not only help you to develop and implement such strategies but are also happy to be of service when it comes to coordinating all relevant documents for estate agents and tenants and coming up with your own individual marketing measures.

Investor & Asset Advisory

Vacancy reduction

We understand that finding suitable customers for your property is sometimes a complex task. We are therefore committed to supporting you in using the right tool to identify the right target groups so that you can publish individual lease offerings with planned layouts that are sure to impress them. With this approach, vacancies will be a thing of the past.


Existing tenants

Securing a good lease contract is the prime objective for any rental property and requires intensive, competent and sustained contract management. We represent your interests in dealings with tenants and stabilise your lease contracts. Another essential factor behind successful lease contract management is having a sharp eye for both the market and rival properties – another area in which you can benefit from our reliable expert support.

Investor & Asset Advisory

Conducting negotiations

When it comes to negotiating the terms and conditions of lease contracts, tact and intuition are of the essence. We therefore represent your interests when negotiating with tenants and produce initial draft lease contracts based on the results of these talks. What’s more, we also deal with technical service providers, architects and property managers on your behalf.



We aim to always keep you up to date with the latest developments concerning your properties. We therefore provide you with regular reports on the current state of affairs in your chosen format – individually coordinated with you to meet your specific needs.

Marco Stahl
Marco Stahl
Managing Director / Head of Investor & Asset Advisory
Mein Anspruch ist, das Optimum für die Immobilie zu erzielen. Dazu gehören u. a. zufriedene Mieter, maximale Mieterträge mit stabilisierten Laufzeiten, möglichst geringer Leerstand und ein effektives Marketing. Unser Ziel: im Bereich Transaction den Kundenbedürfnissen durch die permanente Betreuung ihrer Immobilie gerecht zu werden. Zu unseren Services in der Assetklasse Büro gehören u.a. Bestandsmietermanagement, Mietvertragsverhandlungen, Koordination und Steuerung von Dienstleistern, Vor-Ort-Betreuung durch lokale Teams sowie Konzeptionierung der Vermarktungsstrategie. Darüber hinaus ist es meine Bestrebung, noch weitere Potenziale über die gesamte Dienstleistungspalette von BNPPRE auf Investorenseite, speziell Key Clients, bundesweit zu erschließen und zu skalieren.