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Real estate consulting for a changing world

Major plans call for plenty of expertise, commitment and above all trust. BNP Paribas Real Estate is built on a foundation of people who are experts in their field, have in-depth knowledge of local markets and cater to our clients and their every need with a professional and conscientious approach. The main stand-out characteristics of our company are its personality, profile and expertise, all of which are down to our long-standing staff. Our employees foster deep and reliable relationships with our clients and offer them premium real estate consulting based on many years of experience. One thing’s for sure: you can put your trust in us.

BNP Paribas Real Estate is a leading property agent both in Germany and on an international scale. It offers its clients a comprehensive range of services in a multitude of property segments: OfficeLogistics & IndustrialRetailHotels, Residential and Healthcare



Your real estate service provider: selling, letting & investment

Our core business activities focus on brokering deals for rental and investment property in the segments of OfficeLogistics & IndustrialRetailHotels, Residential and Healthcare real estate. We will help you to perfect your real estate strategy, establish values and make the right investment decisions.

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Consulting & Valuation

Your service provider for real estate consulting and current market analyses

We thrive on providing investors, property owners and major companies with support and advice on optimising their property, developing a sustainable real estate strategy and making all kinds of investment decisions. You can rest assured when you put your trust in the carefully conducted location and market analyses, use concepts in line with the market, feasibility studies, and comprehensive city and country reports produced by our experts. We additionally offer evaluations and risk assessments in accordance with German and international standards, thus allowing you to be even more confident when deciding on your real estate business transactions.

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Property Management

Your service provider for property management

Are you investing in real estate or do you already own your own property? Do you let or manage premises? Are you in charge of a shopping centre or portfolio? If you are an investor, property owner, tenant, asset manager, portfolio holder or centre manager, we are your port of call for real estate management and property administration. BNP Paribas Real Estate supports you with its solid expertise, high level of commitment and cooperation on a strong foundation of trust. We take the weight off of your shoulders by handling your commercial management activities, coordinating technical and infrastructural property management services and offering a wealth of experience in quarter and centre management.

Investment Management

Fund solutions for institutional investors

Our company, BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management Germany GmbH, offers you a comprehensive range of investment solutions covering all asset classes and European markets. What’s more, our solutions are tailored to suit the individual needs and risk profiles of investors. In addition to funds in accordance with German investment law, we also offer Luxembourg investment vehicles such as SICAV-FIS.


Property Development

Developing properties according to demand and in line with market requirements

We offer our clients in France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg a broad spectrum of services focusing on the construction, modernisation and further development of properties – be it for investors, users, private individuals or public authorities.