Our services for you as a landlord



Finding suitable tenants for your premises can be a time-consuming task that calls for patience and negotiating acumen, along with a whole array of other skills. We will be pleased to assist you here and take a major share of the work involved off your hands. Whether you are seeking to let office premises, hotel or retail properties, our experienced colleagues will be there to support you throughout the entire process. Find out all about the services we offer in the field of letting properties:

    Letting: our personal advisory services for you

    Are you looking for suitable tenants to rent your property? Our real estate experts are able to draw on extensive experience to provide you with support from various locations throughout Germany.

    In seeking a tenant, we are always focused on letting your property long-term and at the best possible conditions, continually optimising your options as the process evolves. Whether you are offering an office, logistics, hotel or retail property for rental, we will support you throughout the letting process. You will have a personal point of contact at your service. You will receive comprehensive advice and assistance in choosing suitable tenants.

    To this end, we analyse the supply and demand situation in detail and present our findings to you in transparent and readily comprehensible terms. We will draw up an individual marketing strategy for your premises together with you. Always with a clear focus on securing the best possible letting terms for your property.

    We approach potential tenants in a targeted and selective manner, also providing you with support in negotiating lease agreements. Whether you are seeking to let several properties or only small units, we are at your service throughout the entire process.

    Are you interested in green building solutions? We will be pleased to advise you on this topic and, together with our experts, we will show you how sustainability can be incorporated into a property along economic lines.


    Your benefits as a landlord

    You can rely on our experts’ extensive know-how throughout the entire letting process - from the canvassing of potential tenants through to conclusion of the corresponding lease agreements. Exploit the benefits of our extensive market knowledge and experience!

    A selection of our services:

    • Transparent presentation of the supply and demand situation
    • Individual marketing strategy with optimum letting terms
    • Targeted approach of selected potential tenants
    • Support in negotiating lease agreements
    • Green building solutions: Realising sustainability in properties along economically efficient lines

    Our services cover the following types of properties: