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Retail real estate: our services at a glance

Whether you are a tenant, owner or investor, you can make the most of our consulting services for retail properties.

Virtually no other sector is as strongly impacted by digitalisation as the retail world, where buyers are no longer solely purchasing goods in person in shops but also using online channels just as frequently – or opting for a combination of the two. Such developments have major consequences for retail properties and their owners, who need to continuously adapt to meet their customers’ ever-changing expectations – be it by introducing new concepts such as pop-up stores or creating shopping centres that offer more than just shops. Our real estate experts use their long-standing experience to guide you through the retail jungle with reliable support every step along the way. The information below provides a detailed insight into our services when it comes to retail properties:

Personal consulting for you as a tenant

When looking for retail premises available to let, there are a number of options to consider. A busy shopping street in the old part of town, a shopping centre or a retail park on the outskirts – which is the right choice for you? Based on a market analysis, we weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of your desired retail premises so that you can confidently make a well-informed decision.

Regardless of whether you want to let retail property or are on the lookout for suitable catering facilities, our real estate experts are ready and waiting to support you on your mission! Make the most of the comprehensive personal advice provided by our specialists: from finding retail premises to contract negotiations and right through to the ultimate goal of signing the lease.

Here is a selection of our services for your success:

  • Identifying and analysing suitable retail spaces that tick all the boxes for your desired purposes
  • Conducting market analyses and subsequently contacting owners of suitable properties
  • Presenting and viewing retail premises
  • Support in contract discussions regarding first-time letting or negotiations on adjusted terms and conditions with the owner of the premises

Put your trust in our negotiation expertise: whether you’re looking for a premium location in a prime setting or a large shopping centre on the outskirts of town, you can rest assured that BNP Paribas Real Estate will provide the support and advice that you need.



Personal consulting for you as an owner

Give the yield generated by your retail premises a boost with users who have an impressive credit rating! We help you to find German and international chain store operators and provide you with advice and assistance for restructuring and increasing the value of your retail space.

We are additionally happy to support the operational management of your retail property on request – because our staff are also experts when it comes to property and shopping centre management. Contact us now to find out how we can help you!

Here is a selection of our services for your success:

  • Identifying, analysing and vetting potential tenants and providing individual advice in the selection process
  • Producing informative, impressive and convincing property profiles
  • Realising your projects and restructuring goals
  • Supporting you in contract negotiations

Be it large shopping centres, retail parks, retail stores in residential and commercial buildings or retail premises in city centres or on the outskirts of town, our experts boast comprehensive knowledge of all kinds of retail spaces and are happy to support you every step along the way, from analysis to implementation and right through to contract negotiations.

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Personal consulting for you as an investor

Are you planning to buy or sell a retail property? Put your trust in our experts and make the most of their knowledge of this complex asset class as they guide you through its fast-paced market. Be it a shopping centre or a retail property, we support you in acquiring properties and attracting potential buyers – always striving to achieve your main objectives.

Benefit from our comprehensive expertise, market knowledge and tailored services as we work together to achieve the best financial result for you. Our analyses provide you with a solid decision-making foundation for secure and worry-free transactions.

Here is a selection of our services for your success:

  • Carefully evaluating your investment criteria as a basis for the strategic identification of suitable properties in line with your individual investment profile
  • Presenting suitable investment properties
  • Accompanying you through the due diligence process, purchase contract negotiations and conclusions of contracts

A property investment or the sale of a commercial property should never be decided on a whim but instead requires a great deal of thought and consideration. Put your trust in our market expertise in all retail categories, smooth workflows using professional tools and the full-service package provided by our experts – and reap the benefits! Get to know us and find out how we can help you!

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Your partner for retail properties

Be it in the north, south, east or west, we are here to help you wherever you need us. We provide you with support and advice throughout Germany, strengthened by our global network of reliable partners. You too can make the most of our extensive market knowledge and many years of experience.