Our services in the field of property investment



Are you planning to buy or sell one or more properties? In a dynamic market shaped by globalisation, our experienced consultants have the necessary clear focus. We are dedicated to achieving the best possible result for your investment plans in cooperation with you. We evolve your individual strategy by also sounding out sophisticated real estate products, with recourse to the expertise of local analysts in the field. You have one central contact throughout the entire transaction process – also in international projects. Find out all about the services we offer in the field of property investment:

    Investing: our personal services for you

    Are you looking to invest in properties or property developments? We will be pleased to advise you here and support you throughout the entire process. To this end, we appraise your investment criteria and options and provide you with up-to-date property and market analyses. You will receive concrete recommendations tailored to your investment profile Our experienced experts also oversee the risk assessment process.

    Together, we will find the appropriate investment property in line with your investment criteria. Our real estate experts will also be on hand to support you in all stages of the negotiation process, through to conclusion of the purchase contract.

    Your benefits in the area of property investment

    Place your trust in our extensive practical experience and our market knowledge! Our staff will be on hand to lend support throughout the investment process, from analysis through the identification of suitable investment properties to conclusion of the purchase contract. Exploit the benefits of our extensive market knowledge and become part of our network!

      A selection of our services:

      • Appraisal of your investment criteria and options
      • Up-to-date property and market analyses and valuations
      • Identification of suitable properties, drawing on decades of experience
      • Presentation of selected investment properties or portfolios and concrete recommendations tailored to your investment profile
      • Support throughout the risk assessment process
      • Support in contractual negotiations and conclusion of purchase contract

      Our services cover the following types of properties: