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Our services in the field of property valuation

Property valuation: our services for you

Real estate valuation is a complex matter indeed, with a variety of standards and factors that need to be considered. Keeping track of all these different aspects is no easy task, which is why our experienced team is ready and willing to help. Our experts support you in tackling this difficult challenge and provide you with real estate valuations in line with the market and based on national or international standards. The information below provides a detailed insight into our services in the field of property valuation:

    How you benefit from our real estate valuation services

    Do you require a timely property valuation in line with the market and based on German (ImmoWertV, BelWertV) or international (RICS, TEGoVA, IVCS) standards? You’ve come to the right place!

    Our specialists are happy to support you by guiding you through the labyrinth of increasingly dynamic market and value developments both in Germany and within a global context. We take the weight off your shoulders by exploring the opportunities and risks of the different investment opportunities available and presenting them to you in a clear and understandable manner. Our experienced teams offer you expert opinions on individual properties and real estate portfolios, precisely tailored to meet your needs and requirements and available in both German and English. We can also provide you with a brief assessment alongside our full report. Put your trust in our rapid and quality-assured processes – and reap the benefits!

    We not only produce business plans and cash flow analyses but also conduct risk, scenario, and sensitivity analyses. What’s more, you can additionally rely on our support and advice for your asset management strategies and market rent appraisals.


    A selection of our services:

    • Valuation based on German and international standards and guidelines
    • Sales, market and lending value appraisals
    • Purchase and sales valuations
    • Valuation for performance measurement
    • Business plan and cash flow analyses
    • Risk, scenario and sensitivity analyses
    • Asset management strategies
    • Market rent appraisals

    Make the most of our reliable market knowledge and the many years of practical experience that make our experts the ideal specialists to meet your needs. We support you throughout the entire valuation process, from purchase and sales valuations to risk analyses and right through to the final expert opinion. Become a part of our network and benefit from our extensive market expertise!

    Manuel Westphal
    Manuel Westphal FRICS
    Managing Director / Head of Valuation Services
    Während meiner Entwicklung vom Berufsanfänger zum Geschäftsführer konnte ich den Ausbau des Bewertungsbereichs von BNPPRE aktiv mitgestalten. Neben der klassischen Erarbeitung von termin- und marktgerechten Immobilienbewertungen, schätze ich insbesondere die Herausforderung von komplexen Projektentwicklungs-, Restrukturierungs- und Ankaufsbewertungen, die wir regelmäßig mit unserem interdisziplinären Team für nationale und internationale Investoren und Banken erarbeiten.

    Ergänzend zu meiner Mitgliedschaft im Gutachterausschuss der Stadt Frankfurt sowie des ZIA-Ausschusses für Bilanzierung und Bewertung, engagiere ich mich als Dozent für Immobilienbewertung und als Counselor und Prüfer der RICS aktiv in der Nachwuchsförderung.
    Consulting & Valuation

    Our services cover the following types of properties: