Our services in the field of property valuation



Valuing properties is a highly complex matter. Various standards and numerous factors play a role in property valuation, and it is not always easy to maintain a clear overall picture.

Our experienced team will be pleased to assist you in this difficult task and provide you with accurate property valuations based on national or international standards. Find out all about the services we offer in the area of valuation:

    Valuation: our personal services for you

    Do you require a timely and accurate valuation on the basis of German (ImmoWertV, BelWertV) or international standards (RICS, TEGoVA, IVCS)? Look no further!

    Our specialists will point the way for you in the face of increasingly dynamic market and value trends in a national and international context. We will illuminate the opportunities and risks of the different investment options for you in a comprehensible manner. Our colleagues offer valuation reports on individual properties or portfolios in line with your individual needs. These reports are available both in German and in English. In addition to full valuation reports, we also offer concise appraisals. You can count on us for fast work carried out according to quality-assured procedures.

    Apart from analysing business plans and cash flow situations, we can also provide you with risk, scenario and sensitivity analyses. We also advise on asset management strategies and offer market rent appraisals.


    Your benefits in the area of property valuation

    You can rely on our market expertise and our staff’s extensive practical experience. We provide support throughout all aspects of valuation - from buying and selling valuations through risk analysis to valuation reports. Exploit the benefits of our extensive market knowledge and become part of our network!

    A selection of our services:

    • Valuation in accordance with national and international standards and guidelines
    • Appraisals of sale values, market values and mortgage lending values
    • Purchasing and selling valuations
    • Performance appraisals
    • Business plan and cash flow analyses
    • Risk, scenario and sensitivity analyses
    • Asset management strategies
    • Market rent appraisals

    Our services cover the following types of properties: