At a Glance Q3 2020

Investment market Frankfurt

Investmentmarkt Frankfurt


The Frankfurt commercial investment market recorded a transaction volume of almost € 3.7 billion in the first three quarters. This corresponds to a decline of 11% compared with the previous year. At the same time, the ten-year average was exceeded by 8%. In a nationwide comparison, the banking metropolis thus performed better than some other major locations. In terms of absolute sales volume, Frankfurt is almost on a par with Hamburg and Munich, although at a respectable distance to Berlin. However, structural aspects must be taken into account when analyzing the figures. First and foremost, the very high proportion of portfolio sales must be named, which at around €1.35 billion reach the second-highest value after 2007. This development was driven in particular by the TLG acquisition by Aroundtown and the sale of the Godewind shares to Covivio. In contrast, at €2.34 billion, the result for individual sales is 30% lower. This is mainly due to the fact that a number of large volume deals that were temporarily put on hold during the lockdown have not yet been completed.   

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