Residential properties: our services for private investors

Residential real estate: personal purchase and sales consulting for private investors

We offer the ultimate tool kit for your success: Whether you want to achieve a targeted investment, a strategic sale or sustainable optimisation, rely on the long-standing expertise of our specialists!

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Residential Investment

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Selling: your sales success is what we strive to achieve

Given that real estate prices have developed extremely positively in recent years, now is the time to consider selling your property.

The sale of a multiple-dwelling unit is a business transaction supported by two essential pillars: transparency and trust. We support you throughout the entire sales process and provide advice and assistance tailored to make your long-term visions a reality. Our top priority is to give you a good feeling at every stage of your sale – so you can rest assured that your personal ideas and wishes are at the heart of everything we do.

From the initial analysis right through to the final sale, you can benefit from the expertise provided by our specialists and save your own resources.

Here is a selection of our services for your success:

  • Accompanying you through all phases of the transaction process – with efficient and structured project organisation and deal engineering
  • Professionally preparing and presenting the product being sold
  • Asset-proof documentation
  • Analysing and structuring residential portfolios for sale
  • Developing exit strategies
  • Using detailed market and investor knowledge to conduct target group analyses of national and international investors and sources of capital
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For institutional and private investors

Residential properties in major German cities

Buying: personal consulting for you as an owner

Residential real estate is one of the strongest forms of investment, and this currently applies more than ever before. Residential properties are becoming increasingly important, not only in terms of business but also on a private level. We help you to achieve success in this field with our solid assessments of your prospects when purchasing residential properties and portfolios – all without losing sight of our own social responsibility. With our strong knowledge, we support you throughout the entire purchase process, from optimisation to evaluating your residential properties, all with the ultimate aim of helping you achieve your desired success.

We first provide individual advice and assistance to put you in the perfect position for your purchase, namely by preparing the required data, assessing market prices, analysing target groups and producing corresponding purchase documents. The next stage of our support involves helping you to establish contact with the market, which ranges from planning and conducting property viewings right through to the contractual crunch time, when we accompany you in your contractual negotiations and the final step of successfully signing the purchase contract for your new property.

Here is a selection of our services for your success:

  • Identifying the target group and suitable investments
  • Professionally preparing and presenting the product being purchased
  • Reliable real estate valuation based on detailed knowledge of the market and investors
  • Asset-proof documentation
  • Analysing development options for plots of land and the conversion, expansion or modernisation of existing properties
  • Using detailed market and investor knowledge to conduct target group analyses of national and international investors and sources of capital
  • Location and market analyses and feasibility studies
  • Assessing the development and value potential of your property

The most important market figures for you as a private investor:

Residential Dashboard 2022

The course of 2022 so far has been characterised by different, very dynamic developments. On the one hand, with the ongoing transition of the Corona pandemic into an endemic, the usual movement is slowly returning to society and the housing markets. On the other hand, the Russian war of aggression and the strong increase in inflation created a new challenging market environment. Rising SWAP rates and worsening financing conditions have caused an overall slowdown in market dynamics. Overall, the housing markets are thus in a phase of consolidation. On average, rents and prices are currently stabilising. However, there are clear local differences.


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Christoph Fey
Christoph Fey
Head of Regional Residential Investment
Standort Berlin BNPPRE

Your partner for residential properties

Be it in the north, south, east or west, we are here to help you wherever you need us. We provide you with support and advice throughout Germany, strengthened by our global network of reliable partners. You too can make the most of our extensive market knowledge and many years of experience.