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Residential real estate: our services for institutional investors

Residential properties: personal consulting for you as an institutional investor

The general conditions in the capital markets and therefore also in the German housing markets are changing. As an institutional investor in residential complexes and portfolios, you decide on how you want to sell, purchase and optimise your property during these times of change. That said, the analysis and evaluation of residential properties can pose an extremely complex task due to the constant market changes outlined above. While such changes do indeed give rise to potential, they can also involve uncertainties and challenges. To keep a cool head and thrive in this modern-day world of residential real estate, you need time-saving and targeted services, and this is where we can help!

Our team of experts specialising in residential investments can support you every step along the way, from sustainability criteria to an individual corporate strategy. While working hard to help you achieve success, our professionals factor in all essential aspects involved in your investment, portfolio optimisation or sale. You can therefore rest assured that you have a reliable partner at your side at all times.

We offer a comprehensive range of portfolio properties, new buildings and plots for new residential developments. As you would expect, rapidly processing purchases and sales of residential and commercial properties and handling sales of property portfolios and housing complexes also form an integral part of our work. We are also more than happy to assist when it comes to sustainability, helping you to make the most of our future-oriented concepts for ecological and sustainable residential real estate portfolios.

Here is a selection of our services for your success:

  • Identifying suitable investment properties
  • Accompanying purchase processes (buy-side advice) for building up portfolios and initiating developments
  • Implemented structured, audit-proof purchase/sales processes
  • Providing strategic advice on asset allocation and portfolio optimisation
  • Assessing the development and value appreciation potential of the investment
  • Analysing development options for plots of land and the conversion, expansion or modernisation (in terms of ecology and sustainability) of existing properties

The most important market figures for you as an institutional investor:


Residential rental & purchase price navigator

The residential markets of the most popular metropolises in Germany have been dominated by rising rental and purchase prices for years. But what is the situation in the rest of the country? BNPPRE investigated this question and analyzed all 108 independent cities in Germany. With the BNPPRE Residential Navigator, which is updated every six months, you can make further progress through the numerous residential markets and keep an eye on rental and purchase price developments (for condominiums) in the new builds and existing stock as well as other key figures.

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Christoph Meszelinsky
Christoph Meszelinsky
Managing Director / Head of Residential Investment
Standort Berlin BNPPRE

Your partner for residential properties

Be it in the north, south, east or west, we are here to help you wherever you need us. We provide you with support and advice throughout Germany, strengthened by our global network of reliable partners. Make the most of our extensive market knowledge and many years of experience on your property-buying mission.