At a Glance Q2 2019

Footfall report Munich

Retailmarkt München


Traditionally Munich, with its Kaufingerstraße and Neuhauser Straße, has two of the most frequented shopping streets in Germany. However, the fact that four streets have made it into the top 10 in Germany this year comes as a surprise and is testimony to the high quality of Munich's city centre. As expected, Kaufingerstraße is in first place nationwide with 13,275 pedestrians; Neuhauser Straße takes fourth place (11,012). The Theatinerstraße (8,517) and the Weinstraße (8,201), on the other hand, have recently risen to the top group and are ranked sixth and seventh respectively. With such extensive target groups, it is not surprising that demand continues to be very high. Primarily, service providers, local suppliers and luxury trademarks, typical of Munich, are still expanding. Most conspicuous were the numerous relocations, which underscore the fact that many tenants are trying to optimize their locations and space in order to adapt to changing conditions. For example, Italian leather goods designer Furla is changing its floor space in Theatinerstraße, and British label Belstaff is also moving from Maximilianstrasse to Residenzstraße.

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