At a Glance Q2 2019

Footfall report Leipzig

Retailmarkt Leipzig


In this year's footfall count, Grimmaische Straße with almost 5,200 pedestrians per hour superseded Petersstrasse (a good 4,700 pedestrians per hour) as the location with the highest traffic. This puts the first location in the top third of the 95 nationwide counting locations. Broadly, customer flows are well distributed across A-locations, which is impressively demonstrated by two further streets with more than 4,000 pedestrians each (Hainstraße and Markt, both around 4,200). It remains to be seen whether this change at the top will be permanent or merely temporary and due to the closure of Karstadt in Petersstraße. Pedestrian turnout could also be boosted by the completion of the long-term construction site at Burgplatz and the extension of Petersbogens, which was inaugurated at the end of June. Zero, one of the Karstadt subtenants displaced by the closure, has also found shelter in the latter. Thanks to the comparatively relaxed supply situation, idee.Creativmarkt craft shop chain has already moved into new premises in Hainspitze.

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