In a Nutshell Q2 2022

Retail Leasing Market Germany

Retailmarkt Deutschland 2020

With a take-up of around 200,000 m², the nationwide retail letting market in city centre locations did not achieve a turnaround after the first six months, but did achieve a result in the range of the two previous year's periods 2021 (215,000 m²) and 2020 (also just under 200,000 m²). A development that was already apparent in the second half of last year and has further manifested itself in the current year is the increased focus on the A-cities, which, with 59,000 m², were able to confirm their already good previous year's performance and expand their share of take-up by a further 4 percentage points to just under 31 %. In times when expansion decisions have to be made against the backdrop of continuing geopolitical and economic uncertainties, the top markets offer the highest degree of security, at least when it comes to choosing a location.

An interactive overview of take-up figures, lettings/openings and sector distribution in the various top markets and city categories is provided with the BNPPRE Retail Dashboard.