At a Glance Q2 2019

Footfall report Frankfurt

Retailmarkt Frankfurt


As in many other large cities, Food and Beverages concepts in Frankfurt are also showing strong growth. Along with Berlin and Stuttgart, the banking capital is one of the three A-cities in which this sector led the ranking of lettings/openings in the first half of the year and relegated fashion to second place. In addition, local neighbourhood stores are also intensively on the lookout for space, catching the spirit of the times with specially coordinated ranges and enjoying increasing popularity, especially in central locations. It is precisely such use that is making a not inconsiderable contribution to the revitalisation of shopping streets, so that it is not surprising that Zeil has once again climbed the nationwide winner's podium of this year's footfall count and defended third place with over 11,200 passers-by.  Biebergasse (5,160), Große Bockenheimer Straße (4,340) and Kaiserstraße/Roßmarkt (just under 3,850) with places 24, 51 and 58 are roughly on a par with last year's level. The lively nature of the market is also reflected by the fact that 34 lettings/openings have so far been recorded in city centre locations, more than in all other top cities.

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