At a Glance Q2 2019

Footfall report Essen

Retailmarkt Essen


Essen's retail sector can look back on a relatively uneventful first half-year: only two lettings or openings were reported in the city centre, resulting in a take-up of 930 m².  In the full year 2018, 10 lettings/openings were recorded with a total turnover of just less than 4,000 m². This means that Essen will have to come up with something in the second half of the year to reach the previous year's total. Nevertheless, the downward drift in maximum rent was halted. As in the preceding year, this was 80 €/m² and is still achievable in Limbecker Straße, where pedestrian traffic was stabilised at 4,600 people. Concerning new openings, there is news from the Limbecker Platz shopping centre: In cooperation with Pumb (Pop up my brand), a provider of temporary retail concepts, centre manager ECE has developed an innovative structure in which six to eight labels share a common space for two months in order to achieve the highest possible degree of attention for their products. The project is due to be launched at the beginning of September and will initially focus on the topic of "gadgets".

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