At a Glance Q2 2019

Footfall report Dortmund

Retailmarkt Dortmund


With around 7,400 pedestrians per hour, Westenhellweg has once again secured a position among the ten most frequented shopping locations in Germany. The street, equally popular with customers and traders as well as restaurateurs, continues to achieve top rents, which have been constant at 230 €/m² for several years. Dortmund thereby also leads the ranking of B-cities with regard to rents. Søstrene Grene was one of the prominent newcomers to Westenhellweg, where the Danish furnishing chain has opened a new flagship store over two floors with a total of 600 m². Further lettings were made by shoe retailer Ecco and Düsseldorf fries chain Frittenwerk. While Westenhellweg currently has virtually no vacancies due to excess demand, Ostenhellweg (3,700 passers-by per hour), a much less heavily frequented part of the A-location, has a relatively large supply of space. Compared to the previous year, top rent in a typical 100 m² shop has fallen by € 5 to 85 €/m². Meanwhile, the Thier-Galerie made a particular contribution to the letting dynamics in the first half of the year.

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