At a Glance Q2 2019

Footfall report Cologne

Retailmarkt Köln


Following the reporting in 2018 of around 50 lettings/openings in Cologne's city centre locations, there are a clear indications of further lively letting activity in the metropolis on the Rhine, the period up to mid-2019 having seen almost 30 completions and assuming third place among the largest shopping destinations. Food and Beverage in particular is once again showing a great appetite for retail space, which is further evidence of the general change from demand-oriented to experience-oriented shopping. Worth mentioning in this regard are the planned or already opened restaurants of the TexMex chain Chidonkey (Pfeilstraße), Frankie's Churros (Hohe Straße) or the steak house chain Block House (Rudolfplatz) in centre secondary locations. There are no changes to report regarding top rent which is traditionally realised at Wallrafplatz and is still 265 €/m². In the orchestra of top locations in the city centre of Cologne, Schildergasse continues to play the first violin with pedestrian footfall of almost 12,000 people and together with Munich's Kaufingerstrasse, has been in the leading pair of the busiest German shopping streets for more than five years now.

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