At a Glance Q4 2020

Residential investment market Germany

Wohn-Investmentmarkt Deutschland


While the past year has certainly left its mark on the real estate sector as a whole, it also showed that the different asset classes are very heterogeneous in terms of their robustness. Taking a look at the investment volume with larger residential portfolios (30 residential units or more) of € 20.8 billion, it becomes impressively clear that the residential investment markets are particularly crisis resistant and can certainly be seen as a kind of winner in comparison to other market segments. Despite the major economic uncertainties and the ongoing discussions about regulatory instruments, the year 2020 even recorded the second-best result ever. It is also more than 36% above the long-term average. The already strong previous year figure was exceeded by a good 7%. The acquisition of Adler Real Estate by Ado Properties in the first quarter, which accounted for more than 25% of the overall result, also contributed to this. Nevertheless, even after deducting this major transaction the result does not reveal a year of crisis.

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