With a take-up of 391,000 m², the Bavarian capital took the lead among  the major German office locations in the first half of 2022. The subdued result of the previous year was exceeded by a whopping 67% and the current result is also 10% above the long-term average. The dynamic from the strong first quarter with a take-up of 190,000 m² continued in the second quarter with a remarkable take-up of 201,000 m². The market presents itself very stable at a high level. Looking retrospectively, the Munich market has been running at full speed since the third quarter of 2021. With exception of the final quarter of 2021, Munich has always held pole position in a nationwide comparison. A significant year-on-year increase in rental activity is registered for all size categories, with the increase in large rentals beyond 10,000 m² particularly notable. To date, 5 contracts of this size have been registered with a total volume of around 94,000 m².

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