At a Glance Q1 2019

Office market Leipzig

Büromarkt Leipzig


With 33,000 m² Leipzig started the new year with a record quarterly result, which was last reached in 2006. The extraordinary increase of 43 % compared to the previous year highlights the dynamism of the Leipzig market. This take-up was mainly driven by contracts of less than 1,000 m², which contributed a good 65%. Furthermore, the result was influenced by three larger leases in the range between 2,000 and 5,000 m², whereby the contract to FedEx Express Germany (3,300 m²) represented the largest deal. It is also noteworthy that the record outcome was achieved without large deals of over 5,000 m². Looking at the distribution of take-up in the market area, a particularly high level of letting activity can be seen in the subcentres, which accounted for around 46 % of the volume. At the same time, the share of modern space is remarkable, which amounted a significant share of around 30 % compared to only about 8 % in the previous year. This again underlines the strong demand for offices with modern quality.

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