As in the first half of 2021, rather restrained market activity was observed on the Essen office market in the first half of the year. With a take-up of 40,000 m², the previous year's result was only just exceeded by 3%. The long-term average was thus missed once again, most recently by around 33 %. After the weak start to the year, however, the mid-year result is at least a partial success, as 29,000 m² take-up was registered in the second quarter alone, making it one of the stronger quarters since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in spring 2020. A significant increase in letting activity in the small size segment between 200 and 500 m² contributed to the latest result. Nearly 28% of the Q2 volume is attributable to these smaller leases. A further 21% was contributed by a letting for around 6,000 m², which has also been the only deal beyond the 5,000 m² mark to date.

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