At a Glance Q3 2022

Office investment market Germany

Büro-Investmentmarkt Deutschland


By the end of September, office investment volume has amounted to  €18.8 billion, which implies a rise by a good 5 % year-on-year. The 10-year average has even been exceeded by an impressive 20%. Offices thus remain by far the most favored asset class among investors, accounting for just under 43% of total commercial real estate investment volume. Despite the growing trend towards remote working, it is clear that offices will remain essential in the future and will continue to be in high demand by tenants. This assessement is underlined by the current take-up figures on the office occupier markets, which at the end of Q3 2022 are approx. 21% above the corresponding prior years result. However, it should be taken into account that this good investment result is strongly affected by a high share of portfolio transactions, whereby the takeover of alstria by Brookield in the first quarter in particular played a significant role. A total of € 5.8 billion (31%) is attributable to portfolio investments. By contrast, single investments recorded a 22% decline in volume to currently €13 billion. Two of the most significant deals were the transactions brokered by BNPPRE involving an office complex of BayernLB on Brienner Straße in Munich and the VoltAir in Berlin.

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