At a Glance Q2 2020

Logistics market Stuttgart

Logistikmarkt Stuttgart


After the Stuttgart logistics market had an excellent start to the year with a take-up of 49,000 m² in the first quarter, the outcome in the second quarter was only 16,000 m². Of course, this is primarily due to the Corona crisis, which caused many companies to postpone their expansion plans and requests for space. The automotive sector in particular was hit hard by the consequences of the lockdown and had to cope with a sharp drop in orders and turnover. Due to its outstanding relevance for the Stuttgart location, the current crisis in the automotive industry is obviously also having a full impact on the logistics market. The situation is further intensified by the fact that increased demand from manufacturers of protective equipment, food retailers or drugstores, which has been observed in other logistics regions, has so far had little effect in Stuttgart. Against the background of the current market situation, it is therefore not surprising that with a total of 65,000 m² the lowest half-yearly result since 2014 was achieved.

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