At a Glance Q3 2020

Logistics investment market Germany

Logistik-Investmentmarkt Deutschland


While some of the other commercial investment classes have in some cases felt the negative effects of the corona pandemic, the market for logistics investments is proving to be extremely robust. With a transaction volume of more than € 5.6 billion, the previous year's result was exceeded by 14% and the long-term average by almost 61%. This is the second-best result ever recorded at the end of a third quarter. The strong performance can be attributed to the fact that although there has been a significant drop in demand for capacity within the logistics sector, this has been limited to certain sectors, such as the automotive industry. At the same time, other sectors, such as e-commerce or classic food logistics, even managed to significantly increase their importance during the crisis and to underpin their systemic relevance generating strong logistics take-up. For many investors, it has therefore become even more attractive to invest in logistics real estate over the past few months, no doubt partly due to a lack of high-yield alternatives. The fact that, with currently almost
€ 4 billion, more investment volume than ever before is being generated through single transactions impressively confirms this statement and shows that the investor base is becoming broader.

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