At a Glance Q2 2023

Logistics investment market Germany

Logistik-Investmentmarkt Deutschland


After a subdued start to the year, the German logistics investment market did not pick up noticeably in the second quarter. In the past three months, only a transaction volume of just under € 600 million has been registered, corresponding to the second-lowest quarterly figure in the past 10 years. At mid-year, the volume totalled € 1.55 billion, falling short of the record result of the previous year by 76% and the long-term average by 53%. Specifically, the current lack of larger portfolio transactions is noticeable here. Only € 80 million can be attributed to this segment at the moment, which is by far the lowest amount in the past 10 years. Although single deal volumes (€ 1.47 billion) are also below the long-term average, it is on a par with the Pre-Covid level.

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