At a Glance Q4 2022

Investment market Stuttgart

Investmentmarkt Stuttgart


The Stuttgart investment market showed a mixed performance in 2022. The commercial transaction volume amounted to €1.44 billion, falling short of the 2021 annual result by around 32%. Meanwhile, the long-term average was missed by 15%, which is a comparatively moderate decline given the difficult market environment in the past year. However, this is mainly due to the very good start of the year. Driven by the objects in Stuttgart that were part of the large-volume acquisition of alstria by Brookfield, €761 million were already recorded after the first three months. From the second quarter onwards, as in all of Germany's top locations, the increased economic uncertainties and the significant rise in financing costs were noticeable in form of a more wait-and-see attitude on the part of many investors. However, the fact that a solid result of €356 million was achieved in the final three months of the year should be seen as a positive sign. With the purchase of two construction sites in the W2 Campus by the DSV Group and the acquisition of an office package by Pandion, two large-volume deals were registered in the final quarter.

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