At a Glance Q3 2020

Investment market Leipzig

Investmentmarkt Leipzig


In the first three quarters of 2020, a transaction volume of €674 million was recorded in the Leipzig market area. This represents an increase of 47 % compared to the previous year, and the ten-year average was exceeded by around a quarter. In contrast to many large investment locations in Germany, Leipzig was thus also able to grow during the Corona pandemic, which is as a clear statement by investors in favor of the location. However, when analyzing this overall positive result, it must be taken into account that Leipzig benefited disproportionately from portfolio transactions, especially in the first quarter. For instance, the sale of TLG to Aroundtown is noticeably reflected in the Leipzig result. By the end of the third quarter, just under 62 % (€ 421 million) of total investment volume were attributable to properties sold as part of package sales. After the lockdown fully hit the investment market in the second quarter, a significant market revival could already be observed from July to September. With a turnover of € 207 million, the third best Q3 in the past decade was recorded.  

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