At a Glance Q2 2022

Investment market Leipzig

Investmentmarkt Leipzig


In the first half of 2022, a transaction volume of €362 million was registered on the Leipzig investment market. This means that the Leipzig market has had a very solid start to the year overall. However, both the previous year's result and the long-term average were missed by almost 7%. The main drivers were individual deals, which at €341 million accounted for about 94% of the total volume. With this result, at least single sales exceed the long-term average by about 18%. It is remarkable that several larger transactions with a volume of more than €50 million were responsible for three quarters of the very good result for individual transactions by the middle of the year. Some of these big deals were also concluded in the past three months, which is why the second quarter, with a good €200 million, was also somewhat stronger than the solid start to the year (approx. €160 million). It remains to be seen, however, to what extent the dynamics can be transported into the third quarter in the course of the changed interest rate environment, especially in the core segment.

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