At a Glance Q1 2020

Investment market Hamburg

Investmentmarkt Hamburg


With a transaction volume of around €1.23 billion, the Hamburg investment market is starting the new decade with the third-best opening result ever achieved. The previous year's figure was exceeded by more than 145% and the long-term average by about 58%. The market benefited from a disproportionately high turnover with portfolio transactions, which, at €379 million, accounted for almost a third of cash turnover. A higher figure was last recorded in 2007. The merger of giants between Aroundtown and TLG and the participation of several investors in the Signa Prime Selection package deal caused the transaction volume to skyrocket in the first quarter. This effect can be observed not only in the Hanseatic city but also in Berlin and Frankfurt. But even without the extraordinary portfolio contribution, the result in the Elbe metropolis would have been impressive with €847 million. However, the start of the year does not yet reflect the anticipated effects of the corona pandemic.

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