At a Glance Q2 2022

Investment market Hamburg

Investmentmarkt Hamburg


With a transaction volume of just under €2.6 billion, the Hamburg investment market reaches a new all-time high, breaking the €2.5 billion mark for the first time after only six months. The comparatively weak result of the previous year was more than doubled and the ten-year average was exceeded by almost 47%. However, the half-year result was decisively driven by portfolio transactions. They account for a volume of €1.5 billion, which is an all-time high. The acquisition of alstria by Brookfield in the first quarter is almost entirely responsible for this. Even though the record result would not have been possible without the portfolio segment, individual deals also made a contribution of over one billion euros (€1.1 billion), which is still in the range of the last three previous year's results. It is pleasing that in the segment of large-volume individual investments in particular the momentum in the generally weaker second quarter could once again increase noticeably, to which among other things the sale of the Klöpperhaus (formerly Kaufhof) in Mönckebergstraße could contribute.

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