At a Glance Q4 2020

Investment market Germany

Investmentmarkt Deutschland


As expected, the investment markets continued to perform well in the fourth quarter of 2020 despite the renewed lockdown. With an investment volume of €18 billion, the ten-year average was exceeded by 8%. The vast majority of major deals that were temporarily placed on hold, particularly in the second quarter, were completed in the course of the second half of the year. In addition to the strong start to the year, it was definitely the high investment activity at the end of the year that lifted total investment volume in 2020 to a good €59.7 billion, almost a quarter above the ten-year average. The result shows that investors assume that the effects of the Corona pandemic will be temporary and that market development will subsequently pick up again noticeably. This also applies above all to the tenant markets, where a significant recovery is likely to start in the latter half of the year once the vaccination level has risen.

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