At a Glance Q1 2023

Investment market Düsseldorf

Investmentmarkt Düsseldorf


The combination of quick changes on the global financial markets along with uncertainties about the further development of the occupier markets have noticeably slowed down the momentum on the commercial investment markets at the beginning of 2023. Consequently, the investment market in Düsseldorf registered a subdued result after the first quarter of the year with a volume of €325 million. The record result from the previous year was therefore missed by 80% and the long-term average by 46%. This puts Düsseldorf in third place in the ranking of A-cities, behind Berlin and Munich. Remarkably, no portfolio deal has yet been recorded. When taking only single deals into account, the long-term average was undercut by around 17%. By far the largest transaction registered in the market area so far this year is the acquisition of the "Areal Böhler" by Jamestown for more than €150 million.

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