At a Glance Q1 2022

Investment market Düsseldorf

Investmentmarkt Düsseldorf


After a comparatively weak year of 2021, the Düsseldorf investment market got off to a flying start in the new year. With a transaction volume of €1.62 billion, a remarkable new record was set. For the second time ever, the €1 billion mark was excelled in the first three months. Thus the very low value from the previous year was exceeded multiple times, as well as the long-term average by around 150 %. When analyzing this top result, however, it should be considered that portfolio sales, which are included on a pro rata basis, were the main factor contributing to this exceptional level of sales. At just under €1.19 billion, they accounted for around 73% of the total result. Thereof, by far the largest share is attributable to the properties from the alstria buyout by Brookfield. Although individual deals were also able to more than double their previous year's result to €432 million, they are more or less in line with the average of the last ten years, which can also be seen as a good result given the currently difficult time.


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