At a Glance Q2 2020

Investment market Cologne

Investmentmarkt Köln


The Cologne investment market achieved a transaction volume of a good €700 million in the first half of the year. A quite respectable result against the background of an extremely demanding market environment, all the more so as the 10-year average was exceeded by 22%. Interestingly enough, the number of deals concluded was just as high as in the same period of the previous year at just over 20, only the average sales volume per sale was slightly lower. In contrast to most other A-cities in Germany, investment turnover is largely driven by individual deals (88%), while portfolio sales and company takeovers play only a minor role. This suggests that the relevant investors have specifically focused on the Rhineland metropolis as part of their investment criteria. Despite everything, the corona epidemic has also left its mark on the Cologne investment market. The market is particularly benefiting from the good start to the year (€464 million), while earnings in the second quarter were noticeably lower at €238 million.

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