At a Glance Q4 2021

Investment market Cologne

Investmentmarkt Köln


The Cologne investment market closes 2021 with an impressive sales record of around €3.8 billion. A look at the past makes clear just how extraordinary the past twelve months have been for the cathedral metropolis. The current result is roughly twice as high as the long-term average. And the previous record from 2019 - which was also considered an exceptional year - was once again exceeded by more than €670 million. The fact that both individual transactions (€2.3 billion) and portfolio deals (€1.5 billion) each achieved new records is reflected on the one hand in a very large number of transactions (80 deals) and on the other hand in an equally high average sales volume of €48 million. By far the largest transaction of the year was the majority takeover of three Oppenheim/Esch funds, which cost RFR Holding a total of more than €1 billion. Two funds comprise the historic exhibition halls, now called Rheinpark Metropole. The third includes the still active exhibition halls.

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