At a Glance Q3 2022

Investment market Berlin

Investmentmarkt Berlin


Berlin's investment market remains on track despite higher cost of financing and other economic disturbances. With a transaction volume of €6.9 billion in the first three quarters, the second-best result ever was achieved; the volume was only higher in 2019. At the same time, the already very good prior-year result was exceeded by 2%. It is especially remarkable that in all three quarters of 2022, despite a completely different financial and economic environment, investment volumes surpassed the €2 billion mark. At just under €2.3 billion, the transaction volume in the third quarter was about 8% higher than in Q2. This is an impressive proof of investors' belief in the capital city's positive long-term outlook. This is underlined by the relatively low share of portfolio transactions, at 12%. Therefore, it is not surprising that Berlin has once again ranked at the top of the most important German investment locations by a significant margin. Among the most prestigious transactions are Norges' 50% participation in the Sony Center and ABG's sale of VoltAir, also to Norges.

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