At a Glance Q4 2022

Investment market Berlin

Investmentmarkt Berlin


The Berlin investment market performed strongly in a difficult environment. Although transaction volume was almost 24% lower than in the previous year and totaled around €8.54 billion, it nevertheless represents the fourth best result ever recorded in the capital. Like all other locations, Berlin had to deal with considerable losses in volume, especially in the fourth quarter, for which, in addition to the moderate economic development, the increased financing costs are particularly responsible. As a result, the transaction volume in the last three months of the year only amounted to €1.63 billion, a value that is around 37% lower than the ten-year average. In a nationwide comparison, the capital continues to lead in the ranking of the A-cities by a wide margin in 2022. Even in the difficult fourth quarter, in no other city was a higher volume registered than in Berlin. This is a clear indication that Berlin continues to attract both national and international investors and that currently lower investment volumes are only due to the changed financing environment. The most prominent deals include Norges' 50% share in the Sony Center and the transaction of VoltAir brokered by BNPPRE.

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