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There was a noticeable upturn in activities on the investment markets in the first quarter. As expected, however, this is not yet fully reflected in investment turnover. In total, a good €5.5 billion was invested in commercial properties in the first quarter of 2024. Compared to the weak prior-year figure, this corresponds to an 8% increase in turnover. The year-on-year increase in turnover is attributable to the portfolio segment. In total, just under € 1.15 billion was generated with portfolio sales in the first quarter of 2024. This means that almost 88% more was invested than in the same period a year ago. Nevertheless, as expected, the result remains far below the volumes of previous years. In terms of the various asset classes, by far the most was invested in retail properties at the start of the year. With a turnover of just under €2 billion, this asset class accounted for almost 36% of total commercial investment turnover. Logistics properties also achieved a strong result once again, accounting for around a quarter of the total volume, while office properties have so far taken an unusual third place (16% share).

State of data: Q1 2024

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