Footfall Dashboard

Footfall Dashboard

The ups and downs since the beginning of the Corona pandemic are reflected in hardly any other indicator as visibly as in the footfall in German city centre locations, which at times resembled a rollercoaster ride. During the lockdowns, historically low figures were recorded in some cases, but in between they always recovered very quickly. The rapid recovery speed of the footfall in an improving environment clearly indicates that the high street retail sector continues to be strongly accepted and is a positive signal for future development.

State of data: H1 2022

An interactive tool that clearly displays and compares footfall figures in 2021 for almost 100 shopping streets in 27 cities.

Important Benchmarks:

  • Top 10 shopping streets: Ø 9,000 visitors per hour
  • Rankings 10 to 20: Slightly more than 6,000 people per hour
  • Top shopping streets in A-cities: Around 8,300 passers-by per hour as a guideline
  • National average for shopping streets: Ø 4,300 people per hour


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