At a Glance Q2 2019

Footfall report Würzburg

Retailmarkt Würzburg


While footfall in Schönbornstraße (almost 4,000 pedestrians per hour) and Kaiserstraße (around 2,700 pedestrians per hour) have remained practically constant compared to the last count, Domstraße is showing a strong increase. With 4,500 people per hour, this is the first time that this survey point has moved to the top position within Würzburg. Nevertheless, absolute top rent of 135 €/m² is still attainable for a typical 100 m² shop in Schönbornstraße and Kürschnerhof. As in the previous year, the maximum rent for Am Dom is 125 €/m², and the rent has stayed unchanged in other locations as well. Overall, letting activity in the first half of the year has so far shown only minimal exuberance. For some time now, the scarcity of supply has been a dominant theme, as there are virtually no vacancies in the relevant locations. Only Kaiserstraße, which has relatively little demand, has an inventory worth mentioning and therefore not all appeals for retail space can be fulfilled in the short to medium term.

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