At a Glance Q2 2019

Footfall report Nuremberg

Retailmarkt Nürnberg


Nurembergers recognised early that times were changing and reacted to shifts in consumer behaviour with the "Retail Future Strategy 2030". The largest project development in the Old Town is situated at the old City Point, where the new inner-city shopping centre "Altstadt Karree" is to be built and an attractive mix of retail outlets, restaurants and hotels is planned. Although construction work is currently stalled and therefore no completion date given, this innovative shopping complex promises new momentum for the Franconian metropolis. Nuremberg's retail market is showing a willingness to change and to recognize trends, and this is also evident on the demand side: with furniture store Søstrene Grene expanding strongly, one of the fastest-growing retailers is also now securing premises in Breite Gasse. As in other markets, online giant Zalando will be joining the action in Nuremberg with an outlet store in Pfannenschmiedgasse. The lettings/openings of Ernsting's Familiy (Breite Gasse), WMF (Karolinenstrasse), an e-bike retailer (Kaiserstrasse), the restaurant Fujiyama (Dr.-Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse), Change Lingerie (Färberstrasse) and Plain Vanilla Burger (Hallplatz) impressively demonstrate the broad demand for shops across all sectors.

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