At a Glance Q2 2019

Footfall report Karlsruhe

Retailmarkt Karlsruhe


Although it will take until the end of 2020 for the city rail tunnel to go into operation and for surface traffic to be permanently withdrawn ('combi-solution'), progress in construction and the disappearance of many building site fences have already led to a significant revival in Karlsruhe's most important shopping street. The most recent footfall survey, with over 5,900 people, showed a significant increase over the previous year (+15%), bringing the Fan City up to 20th place in the nationwide ranking (2018: 31st place). Rents in Karlsruhe  represent a promising market for many retailers. The top rent of 95 €/m² is considerably more moderate than in other large cities with a comparable number of pedestrians. There is increased demand interest generated by the imminent transformation of Kaiserstraße into a pedestrian zone and a series of urban beautification programs. In the first half of 2019 alone, more than ten new lettings and a take-up of almost 3,900 m² were recorded. These include such prominent tenants as the outdoor specialist Globetrotter (successor tenant to Esprit) and the Hanseatic retailer Tchibo, which traditionally opens its branches in high-footfall locations.

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