At a Glance Q1 2021

Retail investment market Germany

Retail-Investmentmarkt Deutschland


The ongoing lockdown and the continuing uncertainties regarding the restriction measures for stationary retail have had a significant impact on retail investment activity in the first three months: with a transaction volume of just under €1.5 billion, the overall result is a good 69% below the result from the comparable period of the previous year and almost 41% below the long-term average. The fact that the €2 billion mark was missed five times in the first quarter of the last ten years cannot conceal the current low volume, but it does help to put the result into perspective. The decisive difference compared with the previous year is in the portfolio segment: Whereas package sales in 2020 contributed a considerable €3.3 billion and a share of 69% to the overall result, in particular through M&A activities, the figure for 2021 was only €439 million respectively a share of 29%. There was a corresponding increase in the share of single deals (71% market share), which contributed a good €1 billion so far, although this is also almost 28% below the long-term average.

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