At a Glance Q2 2022

Retail investment market Germany

Retail-Investmentmarkt Deutschland


Even though the retail investment market, with a total of just over €4 billion, missed the long-term average by almost 22%, there are some positive factors at mid-year that put the result into perspective: On the one hand, the result of the previous year was topped by a good 45% and, on the other hand, a volume in the range of the long-term average value was achieved for individual transactions (€3 billion). It is also pleasing that the changed interest rate environment in the second quarter has not yet been reflected in the result of the last three months: With a good €2 billion each, the volume at mid-year is evenly distributed over the first two periods of the year. In the months between April and July, large-volume individual transactions of various property types were concluded, such as the Rosi office and retail building in Berlin, which was built by VALUES, the Klöpperhaus in Hamburg or the Gera Arcaden. The portfolio segment was once again able to make decisive gains over the course of the year, generating €785 million in the second quarter alone, or 73% of the running portfolio volume. The food segment played a significant role in this. Whether and to what extent this momentum can be carried over into the third quarter remains to be seen, however, due to the changed financing environment.

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