The Munich office market has been performing very well over the past three quarters and with a take-up of 622,000 m² recorded the second-best result ever registered. Although the extraordinary record volume of the previous year was missed by almost 10% the ten-year average was surpassed by an impressive 16%. For the second year in a row, the 600,000 m² mark was crossed after only nine months. In a national comparison the Bavarian state capital only has to admit defeat to Berlin where one record after another is currently being set. The main problem of the Munich market continues to be the scarcity of larger unites in the city centre area, so that certain requests cannot be met at present and larger deals must be concluded predominantly in projects. The most important contracts include lettings from Apple of around 32,600 m², Allianz (19,100 m²), the coworking provider Design Offices (15,400 m²) and Accenture (12,600 m²).

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