At a Glance Q4 2023

Office market Leipzig

Büromarkt Leipzig


The Leipzig office market was able to withstand the challenging macroeconomic conditions in 2023 and experienced good letting momentum in the last 12 months. With a total take-up of around 132,000 m², both the previous year's result and the ten-year average (both around the 130,000 m² mark) were equalled. Additionally, the take-up shares of a good 47% in the first half of the year and around 53% in the second half emphasise the stable demand situation, which is evident in a long-term comparison as well as over the course of the year. Alongside the owner-occupier deals of an IT company (18,000 m², Ringlage) and RB Leipzig (7,000 m², Leipzig-West), the largest deals of at least 5,000 m² included the letting to SENEC (6,000 m², Leipzig-West) in the fourth quarter. The large lettings made a significant contribution to the office market zones of Ringlage (23,300 m²) and Leipzig-West (20,300 m²), resulting in the highest take-up within these zones overall.


The PDF download contains an overview of the key figures for the Leipzig 2023 office market and the detailed table of key figures at submarket level can be accessed via the following link.


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