At a Glance Q2 2023

Office market Leipzig

Büromarkt Leipzig


With a total take-up of 62,000 m², the Leipzig office market once again achieved a good mid-year result, which is just above the long-term average (58,500 m²; +6 %) and slightly below the previous year's result (69,000 m²; -10 %). The consistency of Leipzig's office market, even in economically challenging times, is underlined by the fact that last year's and the current year's results, as well as the ten-year average, are within a range of only around 10,000 m². The gross of take-up accounted for the past three months, in which 42,000 m², and thus more than two thirds of the total result, were concluded. A major contribution was made by the only major deal of the year to date, which was concluded by an owner-occupier for around 18,500 m² in the Ringlage office market zone. Due to this deal, demand continues to focus on centre fringe locations, which are responsible for a good 55% of the overall result. However, apart from the exceptional letting, the overall focus of the size classes lay in the segment of space up to 5,000 m², which contributed just under 70% of take-up. The small-scale character of the market is also underlined by the fact that 85% of the lettings are for space of up to 500 m².


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