At a Glance Q2 2021

Office market Frankfurt

Büromarkt Frankfurt


The positive trend in take-up that was already apparent in the first quarter has continued. In the first half of the year, a take-up of 201,000 m² was reported in the entire Frankfurt market area. In the more narrowly defined gif area, the result was 168,000 m². Compared to the previous year, the Frankfurt office market thus recorded an increase of 51%. It also achieved a decent result in a long-term comparison, which is only 10% below the ten-year average. Against the background of the Corona pandemic, which has not yet been fully overcome, as well as the lockdown affecting large parts of the first half of the year, this can be considered a success. The good result is also noteworthy because Frankfurt's leading sector of banks and financial service providers only accounted for just under 6 % of the take-up. This underlines the often unrecognised, broad-based office demand in Frankfurt. The 190,000 m² taken up outside the financial sector is even 8% above the long-term average. By far the biggest deal was the 20,000 m² leasing by Nestlé Germany in the Central Station submarket.

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