At a Glance Q2 2022

Office market Frankfurt

Büromarkt Frankfurt


In the second quarter, the Frankfurt office market was able to seamlessly continue its successful start to the year and achieved a very good result by mid-year. Expressed in figures, a take-up of 242,000 m² was reached, which is a good 20% higher than the comparable volume of the previous year, and the long-term average was also exceeded by almost 8%. The rising trend in take-up is also reflected in the fact that since the corona-related low point in the first half of 2020 (133,000 m²), the current result marks the second increase in take-up in a row. Market dynamic has risen in particular in the size classes up to 5,000 m², which show an almost 37% higher volume compared with the previous year. However, several deals were registered in the large space segment beyond the 5,000 m² mark, both in and outside central locations and the city area, meaning that take-up in this category was also in line with the long-term average. In terms of the distribution of take-up across the market area, it is primarily the Inner City (BMZ 1.3) that stands out, with major owner-occupier and letting deals concluded by various banks and financial service providers, among others, generating 60,300 m² which reflects around a quarter of the total result.

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