At a Glance Q4 2023

Office market Dortmund

Büromarkt Dortmund


The absence of an economic tailwind and the ongoing debate about home office quotas impacted the Dortmund office market over the past year. Take-up of 81,000 m² registered in 2023 was around 37 % below the previous year's very strong result. Meanwhile, the long-term average was missed by almost a fifth. In a nationwide comparison, however, the decline can be considered as moderate. Especially the final quarter, in which a clear market revival was recognisable, contributed to this. Around 30,000 m² of take-up can be attributed to the last three months of the year, which corresponds to an above-average quarterly result, even in a long-term comparison. At just over 24,000 m², around one third of the take-up was achieved in the City Centre submarket, where the City of Dortmund let almost 7,000 m² for various municipal users, representing the second-largest letting of the year. The office market zones Phoenix-See (10,600 m²), Westfalendamm (8,700 m²) and the remaining city area (11,500 m²) also recorded significant take-up.


The PDF download contains an overview of the key figures for the Dortmund 2023 office market and the detailed table of key figures at submarket level can be accessed via the following link.

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