With a take-up of 418,000 m², the Berlin office market seamlessly continues the very good start to the year and also brings the capital a new record in the middle of the year. In a nationwide comparison, however, the metropolis has to settle for second place after Munich, where around 428,000 m² of office space found new users. The supply side is still the bottleneck on the Berlin market. Due to the low availability of office space in existing buildings, companies are increasingly resorting to new construction space, where the availability has increased somewhat thanks to higher construction activity - however, this is often associated with considerable time delays before occupancy. The supply of space is now largely made up of available space under construction, with vacancies accounting for significantly less than a half. Accordingly, the share of new buildings in the take-up is high at a good one-third. However, the supply of existing space is still low, especially for larger contiguous units, so that the proportion of new buildings in this segment is even higher.

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