With a take-up of 176,000 m², the Berlin office market startet with a slightly above-average result to the year (+7%). However, overall the lowest result since 2015 (130,000 m²) was recorded. Whether the first effects of the corona crisis are already being reflected in this result cannot yet be conclusively assessed. Especially in view of the fact that in all size categories up to 5,000 m² even more space was leased than in the previous year, in which a record quarter was reported. Only in the two largest categories, the segment between 5,000 and 10,000 m² and the segment over 10,000 m², the take-up fell sharply by 64% and 39% respectively. Nevertheless, the take-up in both sub-categories is above the long-term average. This raises the question of how much of the decline in the large contract segment can be attributed to the continuing scarcity of supply in the German capital and to what extent the first uncertainties due to the corona crisis, which gained considerably momentum in March, were decisive.

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