As expected, take-up in Berlin, as in all other major cities, remains at a very moderate level. At the end of the third quarter, take-up totaled 426,000 m², which is 32% below the previous year's figure. The ten-year average is also missed by a good 24%. As in the past, the subdued economy is having a very clear impact on the rental markets. However, it is encouraging that the market picked up noticeably in the third quarter. With take-up of 164,000 m², the results of the two previous quarters were significantly improved and the comparable figure from 2020 was topped. The take-up figure for 2021 was only narrowly missed, too. In a nationwide comparison, Berlin remains the undisputed leader, relegating Munich (324,000 m²) to second place by a wide margin. The very homogeneous distribution of take-up across all size categories is also noteworthy. The capital thus confirms that, even in a difficult macroeconomic environment, there is a broad foundation of demand overall.


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