The momentum on the Berlin office market dropped significantly in the spring. Two factors play a crucial role in this. On the one hand, the market can hardly detract the generally weakening economy; the number of companies on a growth course decreased significantly. On the other hand, the current cost pressure is considered in many rental decisions, as is the proportion of remote working that has increased since the pandemic and the overall change in working patterns. The trend towards less, but higher-quality space in locations that are easily accessible, especially by public transport is visible. A take-up of 118,000 m² was registered for the second quarter, so that the result for the half-year amounts only to 262,000 m². This corresponds to a decline of 28% compared to the previous year's result. The 10-year average (353,000 m²) remained unmatched. Nevertheless, Berlin leads nationwide, relegating Munich (237,000 m²) and Hamburg (223,000 m²) to second and third place.


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